Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I tried to do this organization challenge and couldn't get through Day 3 - my life is in too much flux right now to pin-point goals, etc. beyond moving. Today I cam across my notes and didn't want to just throw them away, since I put a lot of thought into them.

Brainstorm of things that are important to me (in random order):
  • love
  • balance
  • support
  • achieving goals
  • financial responsibility
  • family
  • healthy lifestyle
  • educating my children about health ways
  • maintaining important and meaningful relationships
  • accomplishments
  • not holding things inside
  • being an authentic & true person
  • making a difference in other lives
  • helping people discover their passions & dreams - purpose
  • inventing new lessons, programs, etc. (B.E.S.T. at UH)
  • Not only being happy (which is NOT achievable 24/7), but being balanced.
  • Understanding my emotions & reacting appropriately: not over -or- under
  • Mapping a career plan & steps needed for my return in ______ years.
  • Supporting my family/friends without sacrificing myself. Quit "topping-off" everyone else, so I am less than "half full" and often nearly empty.
  • Rediscover optimism!
  • Exiting AUS in an organized & low stress way.
  • Re-entering USA with reasonable expectations about: timeline, city/location, family's adjustment.
Day 2

My Top 3 Goals:
1) Family - Being present & actively involved in the moments with my family and showing/vocalizing their importance to me.
2) Myself - Maintaining balance & perspective about my emotional & physical well being.
3) Health - Consistently practicing healthy living through nutrition & exercise, while educating my family about healthy living's importance with my example.

Once these are established:
  • Give to others
  • Career path

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