Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cont'd from the March Photo Challenge 2011...
I didn't post my picture in time, so I was technically disqualified from the official site; however, I will keep posting the remaining themes here. Since I can do it at my own pace, they may not be "on time" or coordinated with the exact date. In four days, we'll be moving from Perth, Western Australia, AUS to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - so things are crazy, busy, and a strung-out ;)~

P.S. I always have an really hard time deciding and narrowing it down to one picture, so I might post multiple pics for one day - yea!!!

Day 16 - Affection

Loo Loo with her best friend, Wil in front of the Indian Ocean at Port Beach after we had dinner at the local restaurant, "The Beach Bar". It is one of the few places in the Perth area with a kids' play area!

A self-portrait with my Aussie Sister, Kristy, after dinner. This is probably our last trip to the beach in Australia. I will definitely miss being so close to the ocean.

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