Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm tired, but unable to sleep.

Lately, the littlest things are stressing me out and make me want to cry. I don't want to talk to DH about it, b/c he either overreacts or will be stressed, too! ARGH!

Gradually, I am making friends here. But, they are not the kind that you've known long enough to tell emotions like this to feel better :)

It will be fine. Most of it is hormones - 35 weeks and counting . . .

BTW - our sea cargo freight arrived today. We have too much shit. Damn.

More on DWJSDating? and pics on Flickr soon.

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Becky said...

You are an absolutely incredible woman for shouldering this new adventure in your young family's life. Mother of three, in a new land, I cannot begin to imagine the stress you are under.

You are so awesome to have the strength to take this challenge!