Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Photography Scavenger Hunt

So, cool . . . My friend
Hazel Hazel turned me on to this fun!

1) Sports
2) Danger
3) Blue
4) Outdoor furniture
5) Trash can
6) Pool
7) Sold
8) Overkill
9) Larger than life
10) What is it?

Most of these are being left up to your interpretation of the suject! Who's going to play with me? You know you want to!!!!!

I am so mad at myself that I never made it to the old house with my camera to get a picture of the "Sold" sign! That would have been perfect for #7 - I guess Stewbie can use it, since she was a sweetheart and took a picture for me.


Nik said...

I would play...but I think I'm the only person in the world who still uses a 35mm. WHAT! I like the actual pictures!

AL said...

I have a 35mm, too! Obviously, I prefer my digital pictures, though!

Take them with the 33mm and then get a disk or scan the photos - LOL! Way too much work, I know!

hazel hazel said...

I like actual pictures too and use different on-line developing like WinkFlash or CVS. $.12 a print is pretty reasonable and there are always specials.

Anonymous said...

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