Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday the 13th . . . 1998

On this day, one that many superstitious people consider to be unlucky, I got married.

That is right, my anniversary is November 13, 1998:

My husband and I met in college freshman year when my boyfriend at the time introduced us. There was instant chemistry that we eventually were able to act on - we dated for 3 1/2 years (not including 3 weeks sophomore year)! After working temporarily in New Orleans, my boyfriend moved in with me, since he didn't have an apartment. We were in-love, talking about the possibility of marriage, and "looking at rings" - to be honest DH was in denial until the next conversation popped out of his mouth . . . He asked me, one random Monday, "Why don't we just get married at the JP?" My response, "Sounds good! When do you want to do it?" Comparing calendars, work schedules, etc. we decided that the coming Friday would be best . . . It was a Friday the 13th!

College Sweethearts - dated Jr. & Sr. year, plus long distance after college!

I went to work that morning and told my kids I was getting married, DH announced it at his morning meeting the Monday after - we're not stupid and know everyone thought we were pregnant. LOL! We were not - Loo didn't come until four years later!

At noon, I left work and bought the outfit I wore for our wedding - unfortunately, I can't squeeze my boobs into the shirt or my ass into the pants anymore (it was 7 years ago)! DH still has his "wedding sweater" and wears it when possible, which is not after in Houston.

Before the wedding, I spruced up at home with my "boyfriend" and read the e-card he sent me asking me to marry him!

We got married at 3:30 p.m. with our close married friends as witnesses. It was a wonderful intimate moment for two people in love with each other and not the idea of a big wedding. I accidentally kissed him in the middle of the five-minute ceremony b/c I was nervous (I hate it when he teases me about that and can't believe I am admitting it)!

Happily married - we went to happy hour with my colleagues, ate dinner at Red Lobster, and headed home for our first night together. The next morning felt like any other normal day!

Do I regret doing it that way? NO!
Do I think our marriage is doomed b/c it was on Friday the 13th? NO!
Do we have an awesome story? YES, I think so :)


momma of 2 said...

How sweet is that? Sometimes when a big wedding is planned, the marriage is forgotten, and it's all about the wedding.

Happy Belated Anniversary!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

happy anniersay there girl..

Hazel Hazel said...

An awesome story. An awesome wedding. Like thekind I want when (if) I do it again. Hmmmm, when is the next Friday the 13th?

amy said...

Yes, you DO have a cute story!! So cute!! Congrats for doing it your own way instead of following "wedding trends" or family pressure!

stewbie2 said...

Well, I'm proof that a big, fairy-tale wedding doesn't result in a fairy-tale marriage. :) You have an awesome story!!

CameraDawktor said...

Look at your two cute little cheesers. You need to go back to this pic the next time you want to kick his a...

Anonymous said...

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