Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What makes a good friend?

I love my friends! And would do pretty much anything for them. Unfortunately, some times you get burned by people. I think that good friends are hard to find. Many of them take years to reach that preferred status! To me, a good friend is someone that is:

~ A good listener
~ Honest, even if the truth hurts
~ Your "Devil's Advocate", always challenging you to think of all sides to the issue
~ Your shoulder to cry on, even if theirs is wet with their own tears and problems
~ Someone to laugh with and at
~ A person you miss talking to if it has been a few days or even a few hours, but someone you can go months without talking to and still feel like it was yesterday
~ Someone you can tell anything, even if it is embarrassing, disgusting, or taboo
~ Smart enough to not air your "dirty laundry" to others

I had a conversation today with someone that is a good friend, probably my best - if I could call her that without getting my ass kicked by someone else that is her best friend. So, I call her my "close friend" to not get my feelings hurt . . . too many painful fifth grade best friend drama memories!

Anyways, I felt the need to ask my friend a few honest questions that have been weighing on my mind. I love her so much and have been concerned for her. Not because she is in danger or doing anything wrong - I just want the absolute best life for her (and I worry)! That is what sparked this journal and these questions I will be thinking about:

Was I a good friend for bringing up my concerns, even if it makes her start to question things (though I was not implying she should make changes)? Or would I have been a better friend to keep them to myself and just support her no matter what? HHHMMM . . . maybe I am just a bitch! God, I hope not!


Nik said...

I think questions are fine, as long as you arent being judgemental, then I'm sure her feelings wont be hurt by them. I know that when my best friend wants to tell me like it is, she always asks me first if its okay to give her opinion, and I respect that. You did the right thing.

The best friend said...

I wasn't hurt at all by your questions. It shows that you love me and care about me. I love you for respecting me enough to ask those kinds of things.

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