Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My New Wheels!!!!

I am going to invest in new jeans when I loose a little more baby weight!

After much discussion and the long debate, I won and got my "top-of-the-line" minivan. I wrote my parents yesterday and described myself as "giddy over a minivan - GOD, I am all grown-up and such a suburbanite mom!!!" The great news is that I love being this person. Some people go into motherhood wanting it, but still dragging their heels on my changes that come with it. I usually embrace them. That is why we waited to have kids until we had been married fours years (dated 3 1/2 before) and were 27 years old (both our parents had children much younger, by the time I had Loo - my mom had three). We felt that we were ready to give our lives to those dependent little blood-suckers they call children!!!! LOL! Plus, we were financially stable at the time we had our first, but doing even better for the second.

Life is good! Life is better with exactly what I wanted: midnight blue pearl, heavily tinted windows (this is hot Texas), gray leather interior, a moonroof, peppy acceleration, and smooth ride! All with the room to stretch our legs and/or pack a lot of crap in!

I love my new wheels!


Nik said...

Yay! I love Hondas. It looks great. Congrats and enjoy!

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