Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spamming comments sucks! Seriously . . . I have received so many comments in the last month generated by bots. So, not only have I been refrainining from blogging, but I am also pissed off at it right now. I know that I will eventually get back into it and won't delete my blog, I'm just not "feelin' it" lately. The funny part is that I am probably close to exploding b/c I have been bottling so much in - that is exactly how I act when I get too stressed though. The weird thing is that I am incredibly calm as I write this; however, I have some looming decisions to make about work, taxes to get done, calls to make, etc.

Things that have been going on lately:
- Loo started dance class and playing soccer at the YMCA
- I am coaching her 4 year old soccer team :) LOL!
- Loco is a ball of energy and gets into everything
- Loco has a head of steal and it seems that nothing phases him, short of knocking himself unconscious
- DH has changed from the rig to the office, but is still rotating
- It has been a couple of rough months for DH and I, but things have been a little better this month
- My dad is still living with us - it is a blessing most times and annoying at others - when DH is gone, it is soooooo helpful to have him here
- One of my BFF's forever is getting married in less than 20 days, very cool for them
- My other BFF's going to be spending the next year on and off in Cali - it sucks b/c she is my "talking to friend" and we talk a lot less when she is gone
- My youngest sister (15) informed us that she is "bi" and has a girl friend - that is not going over well with some of the family and her mom is pushing the bible on her, etc.
- One of my other sisters is engaged to be married to a weird, "I used to be gay" man that the entire family hates and her mom will be going to court to get custody of her kids
- My sister S that we have heard a lot about over the years is a f'd up mess! It has been so long since I have blogged that I have not shared the news of her pregnancy, leaving her husband, going back to him, etc.

Wow . . . I went for writing nothing to an bulleted essay :)

Gotta go - both the kids are awake now. Later - AL


Jennifer said...

Wow, a lot is happening in your life! If you need a new friend to call when you need to bitch or gossip, let me know! I'm here!

AL said...

Jennifer - I would love to visit your blog, but your profile is enabled! Please send it to me in a comment :) - AL