Friday, January 19, 2007

Maintaining S.P.I.R.I.T.

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By now, many New Year's resolutions have been broken! There is one
resolution, however, that everyone needs to never break. And that is to
always maintain a positive attitude. You see, no matter how good your
attitude is you will continually have opportunities to grow. No one has

Maintaining a super-fantastic attitude is a life-long journey. There
will always be plenty of opportunities to sideline a positive attitude.
To help you stay on course, I've developed an acronym that encompasses
six key attitudes. These attitudes create what I call S.P.I.R.I.T. And
by maintaining S.P.I.R.I.T., your attitude will always propel you toward
a successful future-no matter what you encounter.

S stands for Self-awareness
A bad attitude boils down to the bad habit of always looking at life
negatively. Self-awareness shows you the areas you need to change and
when it's time for an attitude tune-up.

P stands for Purpose and Passion
Life takes on new meaning when you passionately pursue your purpose.
And a positive attitude is what gets you through the hard times.

I stands for Initiative
By proactively taking the initiative to meet challenges with a positive
attitude, you will be the one who controls your situation instead of
your circumstances controlling you.

R stands for Relationships and Respect
Respect is something everybody wants. Treating people with respect can
transform a bad situation. As you lay aside judgment, you open the door
for understanding and harmony to develop.

I stands for Insight
Insight is something we all need to strive for. It's the ability to
discern the true meaning of a situation. However, it's something that
requires an open mind and heart so you can see the big picture.

T stands for Trust
Trust is the attitude that unites people. Without it your work life and
personal relationships will lack development. Trust enables you to share
your ideas, as well as consider the opinions of others.

Your attitude is your most priceless possession. It's what steers you
toward success or failure. Make the commitment to never allow anything
rob you of a super-fantastic attitude in 2007!

*** At the bottom of the newsletter, it suggests:
"Attitude is contagious. Share these ideas with others at work and in
your personal life. They may get their own subscription by visiting"

I hope a BAD attitude is not contagious, but I have had a really shitty
one lately! Hopefully, it will get better soon . . . please!!!!!!!!

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