Thursday, June 22, 2006

There Is Not Another SECRET Blog!!!!!

Okay, so two people asked me within the last 72 hours if I had a another blog that I didn't tell them about! DH thought that I couldn't go "cold turkey" without blogging and my friend H was crushed that I barely blogged the last month while she was out of town! She said is was a "great time for me to quit blogging . . . " - HHHmmm - I think I sense some sarcasim in there! LOL!

No, I have just not blogg
ed, but I have faithfully posted pictures to my Flickr page and sporadically posted on the family blog. There are so many reason and excuses why I have been away - too many to list or bore myself (and my one or two remaining visitors) with! So, I will just give a quick summary of the past month . . .

- I survived the school year and ended with a bang, realizing I hate being "in charge" of my department and school politics. Hopefully, I want to go back in August, usually the summer wipes away any negativity. I firmly believe that without summer break that teacher retention would be 20x's worse than it is now!

- With school out, I have been given the go ahead by Hubby to decorate and paint the house. So, I have been a little busy shopping :) For something that I dislike to do for myself - I hate going for clothes - I love to do it for the house!!!! It has been fun, fun, fun and I need to stop, stop, stop ;)

- Loco is really on the move, crawling every where and getting into everything! Motherhood is happening a much faster pace now with two on the move in opposite directions!

- My mom & brother visited for an extended weekend and we all survived (
pics here)! Everyone stayed at our house and it was full to the brim, but it was a good time and, for the most part, everyone got along! During that weekend, DH put up another new playset for Loo, since we should the old one with the house as part of the package.

- Loo got her first "real" bike, but has only been able to ride it one time. We thought she went #2 on the potty that day and gave it to her, then she pooped more while on it in her pull-up. She cannot ride it until she goes #2 on the potty . . . needless to say, she are having a VERY hard time mastering this part of being a big kid!


- We had a chicken pox scare that just ended up being a bad virus with fever and a rash that both kids got. Loco's was much worse than Loo's that is why we initially thought it was the pox. His poor little body was covered with a rash (pics)!

- I got a Roomba and I love it!

Little Chaser

- The drama with my dad and sister has gotten out-of-control! It would take an entire separate blog to chronicle that story. I really don't know if there is a way to "summarize" it . . . dad sold the house before he was foreclosed on, they barely got an apartment in time to move, my sister can't manage money for shit (what's new) and they almost couldn't get it, no one started packing the house until TWO DAYS before the move, I helped a lot or else they wouldn't have got it done, I am a saint and earned my pass to heaven helping in that hell hole (it was disgusting) when a roach came out of the "curtains" in my sister's room . . . I almost shit myself - LOL!

- The biggest news of all is that my sister got MARRIED last Friday - no joke - to her boyfriend of seven weeks. Yes, I said, SEVEN WEEKS - WTF!


I am at a loss for words on the subject. Part of my is soooooo happy, b/c she is no longer a worry of my dad's (in his mind, even though he should have kicked her to the curb a long time ago). The other part of me is sad, b/c I don't want to think that she married him out of desperation. Only time will tell if it really is "true love" or absolute insanity. To see pics of the "white trash affair", visit here. Oh, yeah, the tattoo on her DH's arm (that you see in every picture) says, "Tammy" - that's his ex-wife - nice to see it in every "wedding picture"! I wonder if he will tat Sher's name on him?!?!?!?

Well, I feel better - LOL :)

I will try to keep up-to-date more and catch up on my reading. I had to return my work laptop for the summer, so I can't read in bed at night (or during the day when bored or procrastinating at work)!


CameraDawktor said...

Woah, I had no idea she had only been dating him 7 weeks! Since I saw the kid in the pic I assumed they had been together a long time.


So does your dad have both of them living with him now?

I know, you probably don't want to talk about that!

Your house is looking so gorgeous. I absolutely love everything you have picked out.

Your dad sounds like such a nice guy but I sure hope that now that they're married he will kick her out and you can have unstressed visit with PapaD!!!

Hang in there kid, and when you get more decorating done you will have time to blog, I've enjoyed checking up on you @ flickr.

Hubby said...

I love you, honey. Don't forget, if you want to feel better you can always blog about MY family. LOL!

The Kept Woman said...

HOLY CRAP. 7 weeks? Wowza.

Ohhhhhhhhh, decorating pics coming soon we hope! I was just doing a bit of window shopping at Overstock for decorative items myself!

Fantastagirl said...

Wow...7 wks? That's quick - but she looks happy, and if she is happy then I'll be happy for her too!

and we'll forgive ya for being so busy with real life that you are not blogging!

Hang in there!

hazel hazel said...

Wow. Lots of wow-ness.

Doug Bagley said...

You have had a lot going on, haven't you? You have a cute family.

Doug Bagley said...

Hey Al,
I'm finally back online and will have a fresh post on Mondays again.

Hubby (in jest) said...

There once was a woman who blogged
_____on schedule, as teeth on a cog.
She got off the beat
_____was dead on her feet
and never was heard from again.

Anonymous said...

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