Saturday, April 29, 2006

Should I Shave My Legs?

For my hot date with the cable/internet person tomorrow - LOL :)

I am sooooo excited to almost have TV back and the internet, please, please, please let it go okay!


Every day, I ask my students a journal question that they write and respond to out loud. Today's question is:

Write a list of at least twenty things that make you feel good.

My list (in no particular order):
- My children's laughter
- "I love you"
- Hugs & kisses from my family
- Hot baths & showers
- Massages (DH is getting us a massage chair - yipee!)
- Pedicures
- Date night with Hubby
- Chatting with Hubby
- Cuddling
- Censored . . . wink!
- Writing on my blog and reading other blogs
- Comments on my blog :) HINT!
- Starbuck's drinks
- Driving with the windows down, the sunroof up, and the music blaring
- A clean house
- Fresh sheets
- Getting something that I want on sale, especially clearance!
- Breakfast in bed
- Smelling fresh cut grass
- Making a difference in someone's life
- Spending time with friends

- Doggie kisses
- Finishing a task
- Being organized
- Compliments
- Providing for my family
- Getting my hair washed and cut
- Relaxing in bed watching TiVo