Monday, March 20, 2006

Your Comments Answered:

<> The camera is a
Nikon D50 that Hubby got for me with his frequent flyer miles, he only has like half a million from all his trips to Thailand. United Airlines started a purchasing program, since there are lots of people with too many miles (is there such a thing?)! It is so easy and fun to use - I would recommend it to anyone.

<> No, I wasn't a dog in my former life, I just thought the fire hydrant would be a good shot! However, living on a corner lot with one of these has its disadvantages - everyone body walks there dog by us and doesn't care if it craps in our yard. It is disgusting and a sore spot for us!

<> Yes, it is that warm here in Houston. When the humidity is not 50% or more (which is the norm), I throw open the windows to a beautiful 70-something degrees. We have even hit the 80's already, which makes me sad b/c 70's are my favorite!

<> I didn't drink on St. Patrick's Day or else I won't have been able to take care of these two Irish beauties . . .
<> Does Memphis Steve's profile picture make me miss DH? I never thought of it that way b/c I am always laughing too hard and wondering if that is really Steve pictured. But, now that you mention it . . . yes - hehehehehe!

<> I will need to have creative title about more often, b/c it seems many of you enjoyed the laugh! Laughter is the best medicine :)

<> Thank you for all the well wishes with my job search. When I get off my ass and do more, I will keep you posted on my success and multiple interview appointments (positive thinking).

<> Thank you, also, for the compliments from my Red Riding Hood picture. I love my smile, too, and better after 3 1/2 years of the old-fashioned metal braces followed by 3 1/2 years of religiously wearing my retainer 24 hours a day! This was before DH met me; I wonder if he would have thought I was hot then?!!? HA! My hazel eyes are something I think are pretty, too! It is so cool when they change colors to match what I am wearing or my mood.

In less then twelve hours my Spring Break will be officially over and I will have classroom of 30 hormonal, know-it-all teenagers in front of me eagerly soaking up every last word of wisdom I offer them! Damn, I guess that I better go find some wisdom to dispense - LOL!

Have an excellent week :)


Fantastagirl said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the dogs...Drives me nuts...ugh!!!

Don't give them all your wisdom in one day!

The Kept Woman said...

I miss the weather except for the summer when you walk outside at 8 AM and instantly are drenched from the heat and humidity.

That I can do without.

Becky said...

I would love to have eyes that changed colors, but yes, I noticed right off that your eyes matched your shirt. One thing I love about Seattle is the lack of humidity. I was getting so tired of it in Hawaii.

Doug Bagley said...

Oh, I remember the dread of going back to the classroom after long breaks. I taught at inner-city schools so the experience of teacher was a nightmare. I still have the written death threats from students, sort of a reminder of my time in the trenches.

momyblogR said...

When you find that wisdom you're speaking of...please, do share. I'm in serious need, lol!

Nik said...

Good luck with the are brave.

Anonymous said...

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