Thursday, March 09, 2006

Way Back Wednesday - Take 2

I have scanned pictures twice and they all look like crap; then, I went to start typing and everything froze . . . if it doesn't work this time - I'm out! So, my first WBW might be a little disappointing, but I tried.
Coming to us from The Kept Woman, who misses Texas more than words can describe . . . This week's theme was created by Football Widow: You put what in your hair? Bad hair accessories of the past (bows that could eat your head, satellite dish silver lame headbands, etc.)

Here is the thing, I loved scarves and still have a closet full of them in all varieties and lengths. I have refrained from wearing them in my hair, since that is so out of style, but will admit the thought crosses my mind often!

So, here I am in my 8th grade Varsity Volleyball picture. Not only am I sporting a hot turtle neck and solid white large hoop earrings, but I have a scarf in my hair, too! If I remember correctly, it is one that I made myself . . . oh, I was that talented. This is probably not the best picture of my favorite style, but it will have to do for today.

The funny thing is that I wore this on club picture day, so I am in the yearbook several times with this exact same look. I must have really thought it was hot! Not! If I only knew then that I would be laughing at myself now :)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it isnt THAT bad..

ok I am lying, that is pretty bad..LMAO

Nik said...

I think its cute, considering it was the 80's...we all did that.

amy said...

Oh how CUTE!