Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My New Application Letter:

To Whom It May Concern,

I saw the _____ position posted at Higher Ed Jobs.com and need to tell you that am perfect for this job. Please ignore the other fifty or more "perfect" applicants because they are lying - trust me! Save yourself, your company, and my family an unnecessary amount of time, stress, and heartache by hiring me today. My experience includes everything listed in the required minimum and preferred qualifications; just ask my husband, I am quite a catch!

If you need to, feel free to contact me via email or my phone number listed in the footer. I promise you won't be disappointed! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, AL


Oh, oh, oh . . . if only it was that easy! Today, I am done complaining and saying that I need a new job. The last few weeks, I have been doing research and have lots of jobs that I am interested in lined up in several states. The application process will begin as soon as I am done procrastinating by typing this! LOL!

To be honest, I am really nervous. I have been with my current job for five years, it is the longest I've ever remained with one place. During my time at this job, DH has been with four different companies (all part of his advancement up the career ladder)! A majority of that time, I have not been happy; however, it was easier for me to "suck it up" and stay here during my childrearing years. Being pregnant and beginning a family is hard enough without adding new job worries and stress to the equation.

When I finished my Master's degree in December 2002, I never thought that it would take this long for me to get a job at the university/college level, again. However, since I limited my search to the Houston area, I was wrong! DH and I are at a point on our lives that we are ready and capable to "move up"; we want to find our dream home and need more space! Before we do that in Houston, I am taking one stab at a finding my dream job. I am so lucky that DH's job allows us the opportunity to move anywhere; if he can get to an airport, we can live there . . . so cool!

We have known this for the last year and a half, but I never really considered it the perfect opportunity for me, until Loco was born, and I opened my eyes to the possibility that I could be happier. I am lucky to have a choice whether or not I work. Why would choose to remain at my current job when the original reasons are now null and void?!!? That is stupid and self-destructive! Sure, we might have another child some day, but for now we are happy and content . . . I need to take this "pause" in life and jump on it!

Wish me luck - I need it - I forgot how vulnerable a feeling it is to leave your future in the hands of a hiring committee. Thankfully, I do not need a new job; I want it and this gives me an advantage. I am flexible and it won't be the end of the world if nothing comes out of this! (I just need to keep telling myself that!)


This morning, Loo asked if I was going to work, b/c I took them to daycare for some "Me Time" . . .
AL: "No, baby, Mommy has this week off. Today, I am going to apply for new jobs."
Loo: "Oh, I want a new job. I want to be a fairytale princess."
AL: "Wow! A fairytale princess? I thought you were a princess already?"
Loo: "A fairytale princess!"
AL: "Cool! Tomorrow you will stay home with Mommy b/c we are going to the zoo . . ."


Please visit
Amy for an editorial inspired by my suggestion! Now, that's cool! :)


The Kept Woman said...

"...if he can get to an airport, we can live there . . . so cool!"

Wisconsin has an airport...a few. We live only five minutes from one.

Wisconsin ROCKS!!!

Dang, that just looks wrong from my typing.

Fantastagirl said...

TKW - did you really think that would work?

But in case you were thinking north - Gotham City is only 45 minutes from an airport - housing is cheap compared to Houston, and there are some private universities in the area... Just so you know...

Red said...

I can throw the people out in the brownstone next to mine!! Can you imagine, NY w/kids?! Who ever can do this.....I give you lots and lots of props.

I wish you lots of luck. I think it sounds extremely exciting- a fresh start. Now THAT is a great feeling.

CameraDawktor said...

Lots of airports up here in Washington too Al....don't forget about us Pacific-Northwesterner's!

Nik said...

Oh is that your cover letter? May I borrow it?

amy said...

So cute! And I've written that cover letter (to the same place) before, too!

Thanks for the plug, I appreciate it. Good luck on your job search.

mom of 3 girls said...

Good luck on your job search. I am sure you will find something that will make you happy.

The Other Half said...

that's adorable!!

Hazel Hazel said...

good luck......you deserve the job you want!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the mid west sucks..TKW and Fantsagirl are lying thru thier teeth..

good luck finding a new job though..I hope you find one that fits your needs;)

Marel Lecone said...

That is exciting that you can easily move out of state if the right opportunity came around. I'm in the process of possibly changing jobs--I want to and don't all at the same time. But, I have to see if there is anything else worth my time. So, I can relate a bit, except to the moving out of state and all that. :) Take care. I will talk to you later.

Doug Bagley said...

Good luck...if you have success let me know. I could use a change.

Becky said...

I do wish you luck, for I'm in the job search phase myself and it's utterly exhausting and frustrating. I loved your intro letter, for it is so true. Everyone knows how to B.S. on paper, but the recruiters don't seem to realize that:)

Anonymous said...

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