Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Guilty Pleasures . . .

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Three Time Loser, I don't think (like her) that I'm obligated to do this or else a string of bad luck lasting 1040 days will fall upon me...but, what the hell!

The rules: List or write an entry about 5 of your guilty pleasures then choose 5 other bloggers to tag. I have decided to not tag! Please notify me in the comments if you played - you know, you want to play - LOL!

In my opinion, I do not have many guilty pleasures! And this, my friends, is one of my biggest problems, lately!

1) Long, hot showers - Even if I have to be at work, if the baby is crying, the house is on fire . . . I will take a long, hot shower. This time is some of the only "alone time" I get all day. It also gives me time to stretch my neck and work on the little kink that is costing me money to fix. Lately, I have been taking two of these showers a day and loving every minute of it!

2) Starbucks - Really, do I need to pay $5 for a coffee drink when I have a perfectly good (well, it's broken, but works) coffeemaker at home? No! But, even when I really try, I can never get something that tastes as good! The sad part is that I usually order half-caf b/c I can't see paying that much for decaf, but should limit my intake b/c of nursing.

3) Arriving late to work - I should be there on time! When hubby is home, I get there early. But, when he is gone, it is really hard to get myself (already sleep deprived) and two kids out the door. Since I don't teach a first period (b/c I am the department chair and need to confirm/assist with substitutes), I don't have students waiting at my door and take advantage of this by arriving later than the scheduled time. Don't worry, I always get the job done!

4) Sleeping alone in a king-size bed - I am not a sprawler, but it is nice to have that option! When DH is gone on business, I miss him; however, he is a snorer . . . enough said!

5) Blogging - For someone that has never been a journaler or kept a diary, I find this quickly addictive. I enjoy posting and often find myself thinking about something I am going to write when not in front of a computer! I love reading all my blog friends, too. Unfortunately, when I blog, there is always something else I should be doing and it eats at me the whole time!

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Hazel Hazel said...

Oh, yeah with number 5. We should all have that on our list since we should probably be doing something else. Like laundry.