Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Back-up Plan"

This morning I was listening to the radio on the way to work and they brought up a topic from Desperate Housewives, the "back-up plan".

Here is the DH scenario:
When the Scavo kids get chicken pox, Mr. Mom Tom is girlishly afraid to go anywhere near them because he's worried he'll catch sick and wind up infertile (b/c he has never had chicken pox). Lynette is puzzled by this phobia, seeing as she and Tom don't plan to have any more children. Tom explains that if Lynette ever dies, he'd like the option to start another family with someone new - hence, the "back-up plan".

So, on the radio, people were calling, texting, and emailing whether or not they have a back-up plan. People were explaining how they would be upset if their spouse had one or how it would be wrong of them to have one. While others were describing the shared plan to have their spouse marry their best friend or some other person they agree on, especially if they have children. This got me thinking . . . do I have a back-up plan?

YES! Not that I am unhappy or want out of my marriage; I do not have a specific person or a different life in mind! But, I do know that I could survive without my husband! I have done the math for financial reasons. As morbid as this sounds, DH has a career that could lead to an accident or something, so I have thought about this in terms of "what if something happens to him?" And being a child of divorced (multiple times) parents, I think about it that way, too. I absolutely hate it - when I get overly upset and start thinking about it in divorce terms; however, I honestly think of it as a survival instinct.

Do you have a "back-up plan" or any thoughts on the subject?

New addition to my blogs, so I try to do more than complain to DH:
Daily's . . .
Positive: The class I wrote about on Friday was a little better today - patience
Gratitude: Having Monday off and spending quality time with DH
Vent: People changing lanes without turn signals (almost side swiping me during the a.m. commute) & not washing their hands after using a public restroom - yuck!


stewbie2 said...

I never had a backup plan, because I never thought I'd need one! Bwahahahaha! Slap me on the butt and call me silly.

HizzleThizzle said...

I dont have a back-up plan persay... but I agree with what you said. I wouldn't shrivel up and die without my husband.

And my husband and I have discussed this as well. Like if something were to happent to him, he tells me Im not allowed to mourn for more than a year. I have to get remarried and move on for our kids sake.

I dont know. I figure I'll just take life one day at a time.

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

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Nik said...

Datingmaster, I hope she deletes your stupid ass comment.

My back up plan has already kicked in...I took out another life insurance policy on my husband. J/K. Honestly, I've told my husband this and my best friend this...that I would bless the two of them getting together after I die.

Hazel Hazel said...

Hell, I don't even have a plan "A"

amy said...

I don't have a back-up plan (but that scene in DH on Sunday was pure hilarity) but I, like many others here, would not wither up and die without my husband. I owned a house and made money before him, and I can do the same if he's not there. He doesn't even fret over what I'd do without him. He knows I'm one tough cookie.