Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Obsession

It takes a lot for me to put myself "out there" on the internet for people to read. I have never been a strong writer . . . in high school, I was always in Honors or AP classes in English b/c I was smart enough to figure it out and work the system to get good grades (A or B). Then when I got to college, I was "outted" and put in my place with my freshman composition class. Most of my grades in that class were C's & D's (I think I even got an F or two)! That was horrible for a goodie-two-shoes like me - LOL! The truth was out, I had to admit that I was horrible with grammar, punctuation, and writing down thoughts that make sense.

So, what is my obsession? Proof-reading. I have a habit a rereading my blogs several times, even after published, and finding errors or a better way to word something. At first, I immediately edited them . . . I want the A, teacher . . . now, I am trying to let it be. Does it really matter if my post isn't perfect? NO! But, in the back of my head - imperfections bug me (especially when I know one of my friends reading has a Masters in English)!

Right here, right now - I am admitting my obsession in hopes of overcoming it! Please forgive the times when my posts contain errors and I talk in circles. And do not point them out to me - ha! To my growing audience - thank you and come again!


momma of 2 said...

If you are grading blogs, please don't read mine - I haven't had a lot of time lately - and it's just one jumbled mess - okay who am I kidding - it's just a jumbled mess...but I have to be "perfect" at work, and well who wants to be that at home - relax - just write - who cares if the grammar and puncuation is all correct...most of us don't.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am with MOmma. I am the worst speller !!

I misspell owrds so bad that the blogger spell check can not even pick out a word close enough to what I was going for

but thats me:)

Becky said...

Well, one good thing about blogs is that you can now use spell check, but I usually just think of it as a journal entry, so if there's a mistake here or there, it's forgiveable:)

Hazel Hazel said...

I am also anal (yes you are) about my writing. I don't want to sound or appear as if I'm an uneducated hick. Although, I am regular hick. And as picky as I am, I still manage to find something a couple of days later! And don't worry about people coming back. You are interesting and entertaining enough not to have to worry.

PS. And I hate it when my comments have a typo or spelling error...can't fix them after I hit 'publish.' Would you mind doing that for me???

CameraDawktor said...

I am so the opposite of you, I enjoy drafting and creatively phrasing words and barely have enough time to proofread. Ha ha , isn't that funny????