Thursday, December 22, 2005

Attention Houston, We Have A Problem!

Tonight, this is what I saw for the first time:

And why is it a problem? Well, my daughter found her thumb at six-weeks-old and is still sucking it. She is over three and has been told by her doctor at the two-year and three-year check-ups to give it up. Therefore, I must be a nag and tell her to stop all the time. Thankfully, she has been sucking it less and less in the last few weeks. I think she is adjusted to the whole "I'm no longer the baby" thing with her brother here.
I hope that Loco is not a "thumbie-addict" like Loo . . . please, please, please!


Nik said...

I think thumb suckers are so precious. I was a thumb sucker and had to have a special retainer put in my mouth to keep my thumb out.

Melis said...

I have learned the hard way that if they're going to... they're going to! LOL However, I still blame the over bite my oldest has on my ex... STEALING her pacifier from her every time she fell asleep! MEN!

AL said...

Nik - I think it is precious, too. Especially when she hugs my arm and sucks it - so sweet!

Melis - That is so horrible stealing! You're right - MEN:)

Mimi said...

You know what, my daugher sucks her thumb too and I am just SO not concerned about it. The child was sucking her thumb in the womb so it was just inevitable.

I was a thumb sucker until I was 8 and I turned out just fine. I dont have hideously misaligned teeth(thanks to LOTS of orthodontics..LOL!!). I think b/c I was a thumb sucker and I know how comforting it is, especially when paired with a favorite blankie, I just let my daugher alone on that issue. I just think there are so many more things to worry about, and the whole thumb sucking thing is so damn cute, why get all worked up about it?

Anonymous said...

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