Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Technology Frustrations . . .

So, I would consider myself an above-average tech person. At work EVERYONE comes to me with their computer problems. Now, this fact just cracks my husband up, b/c he is of "hacker-status" in the tech world and thinks I can just look at a computer and crash it!

Tonight, I downloaded the program needed to post pictures at blogspot (it says I need it for a profile picture). Well, hell!!!! I can't get the damn thing to work or figure it out. I will need to enlist the help of my veteran blogger friend that lives near by. I know she posts pictures and, hopefully, she will be able to show me how.

Please, friend, help me with my technology frustrations - I am desperate!

Thank you for your consideration - AL :<)

SIDE NOTE: I notice that I can easily add a photo while in post mode - why can't I do it for the profile?