Friday, November 11, 2005

Accident of the day -
poor little ones!

Loo goes to an at-home-daycare with a woman that we have grown to love. We were referred to her by our neighbors and good friends that are "tough to please". Meaning my friend has really high cleanliness standards, etc. - so, if Miss Dot is good enough for her, she is good enough for me! Today Loo & her little friend C (daughter of our neighbor) were playing on the deck, usually a discouraged activity, and under a table. For some reason, Dot has several random tables on the deck. Well, come to find out, C swings on the table all the time. Today they were playing under the table and wanting us to "find them". All was going great, Dot and I were talking, and the next thing you know we hear a loud thump - THUMPS are usually NOT good!

Dot said she saw it in slow motion . . . C was hanging on the table and Loo joined her on the same side . . . recipe for disaster! Especially with Loo weighing 47 pounds and stretching 41 inches tall - confirmed this morning at her 36 month physical (by the way she did great with the two shots)! The table then flipped over and crushed little body parts. There was lots of ear-piercing screaming and crying. Loo got away with only a hand wound and C is at the emergency room as I write. Poor baby got a scrape above her eye that will need stitches and a crushed hand that was x-rayed. Hopefully, she is okay - I love that kid like my own and it kills me that she is hurt.

UPDATE: C is a trooper and looks like Rocky! She got NINE stitches, but still looks adorable!


stewbie2 said...

NINE stitches. NINE. Thank God she only screamed uncontrollably for me while they were stabbing her with a needle trying to get her IV in. Christ.

CameraDawktor said...

That picture @ stewbie2 is just terrible, and look at Loo's poor hand!